Primary Industries Partnerships in Schools (PIPS) - toolkit

The Primary Industries Partnerships in Schools (PIPS) toolkit has been developed by the Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia to build links between agribusiness and school classrooms to open up a wide range of career opportunities in Australia's primary industries.

Background and future plans

The PIPS project began with a national workshop in September 2012 attended by schools from each State and Territory to share experiences of partnerships and draft a project framework. The Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA) then compiled the online PIPS tookit with the help of teachers and industry throughout Australia. PIEFA plans to progressively expand the toolkit to continue its role as a comprehensive guide to establishing and maintaining partnerships.

PIPS videos

Watch short videos of three teachers from various parts of Australia as they discuss PIPS projects:



Primezone is PIEFA's one-stop web portal of primary industries resources for schools and the community. The site is searchable by the Australian Curriculum subject areas and year levels.

Contribute to PIPS

We hope the PIPS toolkit will grow with your help. If you are a teacher or in agribusiness and have experience of school partnerships that you would like to share with PIPS, please contact us.

Contact us

To provide feedback or to contribute to PIPS, email PIEFA at info@primaryindustrieseducation.com.au. Your comments or contact details will be passed to the PIPS coordinator.